Open Heart Healing Arts* offers integrative health services to enrich the lives of people moving through the seasons of life. Whether you are a wee spirit coming into this world, a child, or an adult, I see you as a dynamic interaction of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic components. Drawing from the fields of psychology, family science, occupational therapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and energy medicine, I integrate clear reasoning with intuitive knowing in a unique approach to whole wellness.

Spring, a time of new beginnings

  • conscious conception
  • conscious pregnancy and birth
  • prenatal baby wellness
  • new home, job or school
  • new roles and relationships
  • new learning and opportunities
  • spiritual awakening

Summer, a time of fulfillment

  • everyday mindfulness
  • conscious living
  • celebrations

Fall, a time of learning

  • discomfort and adversity
  • challenges and mistakes
  • responsibility

Winter, a time of reflection

  • shifting inward (“hibernating”)
  • roles and relationships changing or ending
  • preparing and planning
  • conscious transition

*Previously “Beyond Wellness Integrative Health” and “Wee Spirits Grow Child & Family Wellness”