Open Heart Healing Arts

A mindful, compassionate, and practical approach to your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic wellness.

Guiding Principles of my Practice:

  • All people and living beings, big or small, deserve respect and compassion, and are the ultimate experts of themselves. They hold the keys to their own healing.

  • All people and living beings will struggle, grow and evolve throughout the course of their lifetimes. They will act based on the information and skills available to them at each moment. We are all doing our best, and we would do better if we could. No one consciously chooses to create imbalance and disharmony within themselves or with others.

  • In the space between conception and death, each of us will encounter stress, trauma and tragedy. At certain points, we need to access trusted, non-judgmental help that feels “just right” for us. We need each other – it is our nature. The therapeutic relationship needs to feel right or the healing process may be compromised.

  • My role is to support the healing process. I am a “healing helper” who can explore the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of the challenges that people face.

  • Deep healing is possible when we seek to understand people in their wholeness. It is never too late to heal old wounds that we carry, even those of our ancestors that are imprinted on us. We carry the wisdom to heal our heart’s pain, just as our bodies know how to heal physical wounds.

  • There are numerous pathways of healing. Keeping current with the newest modalities in integrative health offers my clients innovative options that can complement and augment conventional treatments.