Learning to Stay

I ventured back into yoga today to my favourite Yin Yoga class with Maureen Rae. Every part of my mind, body and spirit soaked up the experience. Afterwards I thought about how yoga trains the body to Stay in the present moment, paying attention to the ease or discomfort in your body, making adjustments as necessary, allowing a trial-and-error approach. I thought how my little dog Barney has learned to Stay and quiet his wiggly little body for a minute or so, developing a wee bit of self-control. It takes practice. I thought about how many of us prefer certainty, a “how-to-in-5 easy steps” approach to things, we hesitate on trying things as we are reluctant to make “mistakes.” I’m setting the intention to stay open to the hidden gifts of the present moment and to the endless possibilities of beginner’s mind.main-qimg-085cbcc8724a01f53b5442f55c95baba-c

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