Blood. Sweat. Tears.

I am typing today with only my left hand while my right arm is in a sling with frozen elbow syndrome. Very painful and so far, unresponsive to treatment. I can add this to my list of medically mysterious symptoms I’ve had over the course of my life. I can learn to sit with the pain, with great patience, get more comfortable asking for and receiving help, and practice self-compassion when guilt and worry creep in.

What does make sense to me is that I walk the path of the Mystic, as someone who bridges Earth and spiritual realms, and this path is not easy.  Caroline Myss writes, “Perhaps no archetype is more coveted by my students, or more misunderstood than the Mystic. Many want to believe that they have mystical inclinations, yet underestimate how arduous the genuine mystical path is. When they find out, they’re usually happy to let someone else have this role. The lives of the world’s great mystics often included extraordinary states of consciousness such as prolonged ecstatic trance, and preternatural abilities of precognition or bilocation. Yet they also contained sometimes great physical as well as spiritual suffering, hard work, and mundane activities that made up much of their days. If you truly want to name this archetype as part of your sacred consortium, ask yourself if you are ready to pay the price in blood, sweat, and tears. If mystical consciousness is something you engage in once a day during meditation, or on a weekend retreat or a yoga workshop, you may be a spiritual seeker, but not a Mystic.”

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Frequent, strange, beautiful supernatural experiences. The path of the Mystic. YES! IT RESONATES!

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