Peace begins inside of me (and you, too!)

Just One Candle was a song my children learned in kindergarten. I pictured a little candle within each of us, a small flame of light. In these past 2 years, my inner light has felt like a barely flickering birthday candle at times. Through deep healing and connection with other heart-led people, my light has grown steadily into a fat, wide pillar candle flame. I humbly bring this Light now to all those affected by the war, both perpetrators and victims, who find themselves suffering from a lack of peace within. World peace begins with inner peace, one person at a time.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always. ” Robin Williams

Just One Candle

Just one candle shining in a window pane,
Gives a light for all to see a shining flame.
Shining through the darkness it helps to show the way.
Light your candle for peace today.

Shine your light for peace,
Shine it all around the world.
Sing to everyone,
Let your voice be heard.
Shine your light for peace,
Shine it everywhere.
Show the people in the world you care.

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