Diane Imabeppu, BA, BSc (OT),

Integrative Health Practitioner, Student of Life

With deep gratitude for lessons learned by:

  • studying and teaching: Bachelor of Arts (University of British Columbia) Double Major in Psychology and Family Science (1996), Bachelor of Science (University of Toronto) in Occupational Therapy (2000); 18 years of courses in rehabilitation, feeding therapy, attachment and mental health; teaching workshops for the TDSB, Montessori schools, Tyndale University and other community groups. I learned how to integrate various sources of information, how to share it in a way that captures the students’ interest, and that learning is mutual between teacher and student.


  • working with children and families in various roles over 30 years: childcare provider, autism therapist, respite care provider, pediatric occupational therapist (17 years) and children’s wellness consultant. I learned that a compassionate, kind, and respectful approach to children and families is essential. The quality of the relationship actually matters more than the specific treatment modality used and leads to the best possible outcomes. 


  • studying and practicing birth psychology, membership with the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. I learned about an essential and overlooked piece of our history! The circumstances under which we are conceived, carried, and birthed deeply and profoundly affect us!  Our earliest experiences are encoded in our bodies (cellular memories) and can impact all aspects of our lives. Wish I’d known that before…


  • becoming a mother. I learned to feel an indescribable kind of love… and also deep despair…


  • having a baby with perplexing health issues that could not be treated effectively by conventional means. I learned about parental devotion and discovered the effectiveness of energy medicine, which led me to….


  • 11 years of learning and practicing energy medicine (including Reiki 1 & 2, Integral Healing, BEAM Therapy, Medical Intuition, Emotional Freedom Technique, soul work). I learned that the true healer is the one who is suffering and determined to be well. The answers we seek, such as inner peace, are truly within us (and definitely NOT on google in the wee hours of the night!). I learned that healing can sometimes look like illness. I learned to trust intuition, even if things don’t seem to make sense at first and practiced how to get quiet inside, still enough to “hear” that inner voice by…


  • studying and practicing conscious living, mindfulness and meditation. I learned how to be present and how to use my brain at different frequencies without falling asleep. I learned that the heart holds deep wisdom. Did you know that the heart is the first organ to form in utero? It starts beating without being commanded by a brain! Keeping your heart open can be difficult sometimes…you are so vulnerable…yet we open and awaken…spiritual awakening does not come with bliss and angel bells ringing, rather, it comes from the darkest nights of your soul when you are suffering deeply.  Self-compassion and presence are vital.


  • caring for and eventually losing my father to brain cancer. I learned that healing does not always mean a cure. I learned about suffering, immense grief, and that there are hidden blessings in the hardest of times. I learned how to hope in seemingly hopeless situations.
  • adopting and rehabilitating Barney, a blind senior dog with years of traumatic history. I learned how to truly “see” as he does, from the heart. All can heal with time, love, and committed care. Which led me to my current adventure…
  • studying and practicing integrative health with animals (animal communication, animal reiki, holistic health approaches and natural diets). Namastay Canine Wellness was born!