Client Stories

Professional regulations as an Occupational Therapist restrict the use of testimonials from clients.

I am, however, able to describe my past OT clients in a general way.

I have treated many young children who were aversive to touch input in and around the mouth, making toothbrushing and eating extremely difficult. Often the child’s chewing (oral motor) skills have also been affected. I work to decrease anxiety and fear in both parents and children, desensitize the mouth, improve chewing abilities, and modify feeding practices, so the child and their parents are more comfortable and confident with these daily activities. I have found that without reducing the anxiety and fear, response to conventional treatments for children with hypersensitivity is limited.

I have worked with children with learning differences who are often described as “not trying hard enough” or “an A student who gets Cs” or are refusing to go to school. Many of these children feel stupid, or are treated as if they are lazy. I invest time in understanding a child’s perceptions around what is working well and not working well for them. I partner with them in discovering their own learning style, providing “just-right” challenges, and engaging in mutual problem-solving to create more overlap between the school/home demands and their unique abilities.

I have successfully worked with adults who feel drained, exhausted, and have been struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression and/or meaninglessness. They may have already tried medication or psychotherapy with little relief. They have often reported feeling the need for something else, but having difficulty identifying that missing piece. Together we discover and reconnect them back to their inner resources, so they can move through life with more ease and meaning, despite an ever-changing and often challenging world.

Kind Words

The following kind words are from my integrative health clients and general comments that people have made.

“One day I will share how much light you, by your gifts, brought into the life of my family.”~Parent of 3~

“I want to go back to see that lady who has that nice light around her.”~Child, age 6~

“I asked my mom to come and see you. Because you really get me. So I might feel better.”~Child, age 13~

“Diane has been such a wonderful gift in my life. Her compassionate nature and expertise allows her to hold a safe place for you to achieve wellness. Diane’s ability to listen, connect and administer the right treatment modality puts your mind and body at ease and provide clarity. I have left every appointment with Diane gaining a better understanding of myself and a knowing that everything is going to be ok. Her peaceful nature will put anyone at ease regardless of the situation. I can not recommend Diane enough and am so thankful for all the work she has done with me.” ~Jas~

“I first connected with Diane via our shared profession and knew that I wanted to work with her as she also embraces spirituality and other realms. Working with her has been nothing short of amazing. She is able to hold space with warm loving energy and without judgment. I highly recommend trusting the nudge to see her. You won’t regret it.” ~Lynne (Occupational Therapist, Doula)~

“Diane is a very caring and innate practitioner who combines her scientific background as an occupational therapist with her intuition to capture the client’s energy blockages. Coming to see Diane with some physical and emotional discomfort, she chose the proper skills that resulted in physical, emotional and energetic amazing positive changes.” ~Susana (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner)~ 

Amusing Words

“Are you a POOP whisperer or something?”

“My naturopath told me to just do whatever you say, even if it sounds crazy. So I’m ok with anything you want to do with my son!”

“I just wanted to see what you have in here. Why my kid asks all week if he is coming to see you. What MAGIC STUFF you’ve got!”