Intuitive Energy Medicine

My intuitive energy medicine sessions offer you innovative ways to feel better and more balanced, access your intuition, deepen your understanding of yourself, and gain a fresh perspective on life. My clients are often those who have tried conventional methods of medicine without much success and are desperate to be well, to find an alternative way to feeling whole once again.

What is energy medicine?

While energy medicine is relatively “new” to North America; however, it has been practiced for thousands of years in Eastern traditions.  Energy medicine refers to various treatment modalities that seek to balance an organism’s life force energy. This is an invisible yet vital aspect of our being. The body can not survive without the life force energy’s presence (the life force energy, however, does not need the physical body to exist). We are healthy when the life force energy flows freely, nourishing our bodies and minds. We feel physically and emotionally well, our eyes are bright, we live with a sense of purpose and joy in daily life. Bruce Tainio (of Eastern State University), who built the first frequency monitor in the world in 1992, has determined that a healthy body frequency ranges from 62-72 MHz. When the life force energy is unbalanced or blocked over the long-term, disease and illness of the body, mind and soul result. When the body’s frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. Colds and flu start at 57-60 MHz, disease starts at 58 MHz.

How do you assess energetic information?

I use higher sense perception and intuition to assess and work with the invisible energetic aspects of a person or animal, such as their thoughts, feelings, stored stressors, aura, chakras, soul and spirit. I ask the client to hold their intention/goal in mind as I scan the energetic body. I then follow the Soul’s expression in choosing the treatment modality and healing process. Each session is entirely unique to the person. With practice, anyone can develop their intuitive abilities. Please see my Intuitive Services and FAQ page for more details.