Soul Communication

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (French philosopher, paleontologist, and Jesuit priest)

Every living thing has a Soul. Our Soul is our unique essence. It is complex, multi-layered, both light and dark, and gives our lives meaning and purpose. The Soul is the sacred keeper of our life lessons and experiences, and holds timeless wisdom. The Soul resides through our body, is not limited by time or space, and transcends our physical lifetime(s).

When we get quiet enough inside, be it through meditation, a walk in nature, or another relaxing activity, we shift into slower brain frequencies. Our thinking brain frequency (beta) takes a backseat, and our feeling/sensing/intuitive mind comes front and centre (alpha and theta). In these slower frequencies, we can access the Soul, both our own, and others, (with their permission). The rich and complex information that arises can help us make sense of something that is troubling us, it can comfort us, transform us, and help us to heal.

People have reached out for a Soul Communication when there is something that they wish to understand more deeply, perhaps an issue they are wanting to resolve. Often, it may be near or at the time of death (e.g., palliative situation) or concerning a new life (e.g., fertility issues, prenatal stress). Soul Communication is not for entertainment purposes, nor is it a substitute for medical treatment, and should not be treated as such.

The purpose of Soul Communication is to deepen understanding, grow compassion, decrease suffering, and facilitate healing.

I have communicated for Souls who:

-do not yet speak with words or lack sufficient language to communicate (e.g., spirit/unborn babies, young children, people who are nonspeaking, etc.)

-are having difficulty communicating with words (e.g., people with communication challenges from autism, stroke, dementia, brain tumours, are unconconsious/in a coma, etc.)

-inhabit physical forms (bodies) that do not use words (e.g., animals, plants, etc.)

-no longer inhabit physical forms (bodies) (e.g. souls who have transitioned from the physical body, miscarried/stillborn babies, ancestors, etc. )

Soul Communication Stories:

Woman with Dementia in Palliative Care

I worked with a woman in her 90s, who had dementia and had been in a nursing home for several years. She fell ill, was taken to hospital, and when she was stabilized, she was returned to the nursing home, only this time to the palliative floor. Lying in bed, she was restless and agitated. She could not settle to sleep, despite being heavily medicated and her family trying all kinds of ways to try to comfort her. Her daughter called me on the phone, despite hesitation from other members of their family. I connected with her mother’s Soul. She said, “I see God!” in an amazed and disbelieving tone. I affirmed what she said, “Yes, you now see God!” and instructed her family to just say, “You see God, Ma? Do you see God?” The woman, who had been incoherent for a long time due to her dementia, suddenly had a moment of clarity, and in her mother tongue said very clearly, “I see Jesus. I see Jesus.” Then immediately, she settled down and went to sleep.


Arthur is an adopted senior cat with diagnoses of pancreatic cancer and diabetes. He was on insulin and while his family was away on vacation, he went into distress. He was taken to an emergency vet clinic. Despite the vet’s attempts to regulate his blood sugar, his body would not respond to medical treatment. Euthanasia was recommended. His owner urgently messaged me. I went to the hospital.

Arthur was quite a sight with IVs in each front leg, lying on his side looking utterly exhausted. He opened his eyes just a bit to acknowledge my presence, then closed them again. I connected with his Soul. Arthur wanted to talk about God. He believed that the only way he could “taste the sweetness of life” was to leave the physical body and return to spirit. The kind staff at the clinic brought me a chair to sit on (they must have thought I was crazy, crouching quietly in front of his kennel for 20 minutes!). I just listened to Arthur, and all he had to say about life and living. At the end of our 20 minute conversation, I said “OK, Arthur, it makes perfect sense that your body won’t accept the IV solution. You don’t believe life on Earth can be sweet. That you have to die to have that kind of sweetness. I get it. But I don’t really agree with your belief.” There was no visible change in his presentation, but I could sense he had received what he needed. I wished him well, and left.

The next day his family flew home. I joined them at the emergency clinic. Arthur was brought in by the clinic staff. He greeted his family, then leaped off the examination table and hid in the corner under a chair. We were all stunned by his remarkable condition. His owner exclaimed, “This is a miracle!” This was not the same cat I had seen 24 hours ago! When we checked his medical chart, his body had started to respond to the IV solution approximately an hour after I had visited him. His condition continued to gradually improve. He was sent home with his family that very evening! Arthur’s condition had improved so much that he did not need insulin again.

Note that I did not do any energy work with Arthur. I just listened to him, acknowledged and validated his understanding of things. I let him know I did not necessarily agree, but he was not in the right frame of mind to be open to listening to alternatives, so I did not even attempt to do so. All I did was listen, and respectfully disagree. It appeared that this was sufficient for him to access the healing energy in his own body, and he decided he would stick around longer! Part of me was as surprised as the owners were, of his miraculous recovery, but another part of me was not surprised at all. Miracles are happening all around us, if only we are open enough to see them.